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16 oz Bottles - Buy 12 and save on your favorite kombucha! Mix and Match...

NEW - Pineapple Hops

Summer Triangle - Raspberry, Lemon, Ginger

Blue Moon - Blueberry, Lavender

Twilight - Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemon

Solstice - Lemon Medley, Ginger, Mint

Phoenix - Cranberry, Orange, Hibiscus

Starlight - Notes of Tropical Citrus

Super Natural - Green Tea

Yerba Mate

Ginger Ale


Sales Tax Included
  • Kombucha is a raw and living beverage, naturally fermented and unpasteurized on purpose. Because of this, it must be refrigerated at all times.

  • We will gladly take back your empty bottles. You can return them to us at the Farmer's Markets or when you receive your next order!

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